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My Blackberry is inundated with spam

BlackberryIn terms of collecting email, there’s no difference to the way a Blackberry works to the way Microsoft Outlook, Outlook express or Mozilla Thunderbird work, except for the fact that it’s Blackberry’s servers in Europe or Canada that actually do the IMAP or POP fetch, not the phone directly. Their servers then feed the mail to your Blackberry.

When you set up a Blackberry to pick up mail, you log in to a web site, and tell the website your email address and password, and it goes off and tries to guess the server details. In the case of Softflare’s mail servers, they get it right, and set up an IMAP connection to our servers with the correct credentials.

If you are getting hundeds of spams on your Blackberry, you’ll know by now that it is a lot less fun deleting spam emails on a Blackberry than it is on your desktop machine with a nice useful mouse and acres of screen real estate.

But, if you have an IMAP email account set up and are getting hundeds of spams on your Blackberry, you’ll also be getting the same hundreds of spams in your regular mail client Inbox too. The only possible difference might be  if you use a modern email client like Thunderbird, whose built-in spam filter will pick up a lot of the spam. In this case, it is recommended to leave Thunderbird running on your desktop machine when you are away from the office and it does delete the spams (most of them) before Blackberry’s server finds them.

So  here are your solutions:

  • if you are getting hundreds of spams a day on your Blackberry and your PC inbox, you should subscribe to Softflare’s AntiSpam
  • if you already have Spamflare and you are still getting lots of spam, then you’ll be having the same Spam problems on your PC too, and the best bet is to leave Thunderbird (or Outlook 2007 which also has anti-spam filters) running on the PC (as long as you are using IMAP) to help delete spams
  • if you are getting more spams on your blackberry than your PC, and there is no special antispam software running on the PC, then a possible scenario is that your Blackberry is set to fetch email from more than one email account
  • if none of the above solutions solve the enormity of your spam issues then your only real recourse is to use a paid-for managed anti-spam filtering service such as provided by the following organisations:

Unfortunately your mobile provider cannot possibly help as it’s nothing whatsoever to do with them. There are specific antispam products for the Blackberry but some of our clients have tested them and they have so far had nothing particularly good to say about them. Maybe you have a different experience to tell us.

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