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Member of nominet

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Softflare’s FotoFlare™ gives you a slick, web-based photo album written in PHP. With FotoFlare™ you can easily create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface. Photo management includes

  • uploading of images, either individually or in zip files
  • automatic thumbnail creation and repair
  • image resizing options
  • image rotation options
  • image ordering and moving options
  • image captioning and keyword assigning
  • keyword searching

and more!

Albums can have read, write and caption permissions per individual authenticated user for an additional level of privacy. Give accounts to customers, colleagues, your friends or family and let them upload and manage their own galleries of photos on your website!

Is FotoFlarewritten by Softflare?

No. The product is called Gallery and is a freeware product under the GNU General Public License. We love it which is why we chose it! Important: anybody can go to the Gallery website and download Gallery and install it on their own webspace (indeed it is positively encouraged!). It isn’t rocket science, but it’s not for web newbies.

Why are you charging for it?

We are not selling Gallery, it’s not ours to sell. FotoFlare™ is a Gallery installation package. Gallery can only be installed on servers that allow Telnet access to set file permissions at a user level. The tecnical difficulties experienced by most inexperienced users indicate that they could not install the product themselves whithout extensive technical assistance.Our own server security policies (to protect you from hackers) mean we do not give users telnet access.

What we have done is to make Gallery available to any customer of Softflare’s hosting accounts so that it is installed by one of our own professionals onto your website, configured exactly right to run on our servers, and customised by our graphic artists integrate seamlessly into your own website. It will be set up so that only you, the site’s owner, and your authorised users have secure remote access to the administration system.

When you order FotoFlare™ all you have to do is upload and share your photos - no technical knowledge required!

How much does it cost?

A FotoFlare™ installation costs just £499. This is a one-time payment for which we will provide:

  • A FotoFlare™ installation on your Softflare hosting account by our own software engineers
  • A FotoFlare™ installation configured with the administration options you want
  • A FotoFlare™ installation customised to integrate into your own website. If you have no existing website, guided by you, we’ll make it look nice anyway!
  • FotoFlare™ usage instructions so you get the most out of your installation
  • 90 days’ free FotoFlare™ telephone support. Thereafter you still get support, but by e-mail only

Contact us now to order your copy of FotoFlare™!

A sample FotoFlare:
Click here to visit this FotoFlare!

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