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How does Softflare’s VirusFlare™ Server Side Anti-Virus work?

VirusFlare works like a protective envelope around your mail server. Everything that goes in and out is automatically scanned: plain text mail, html mail (e.g. with font formatting and images) and attachments.

BEFORE and AFTER a VirusFlare scanner is installed

VirusFlare is automatically updated with the latest virus and trojan definitions every hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so as soon as a new virus is identified on the general Internet, VirusFlare knows about it - and is protecting your network from it!

What happens when VirusFlare™ detects a virus?

Attachment strippedIt’s important that you know who is sending you mail, even if it is infected. Therefore when you are sent an infected mail, you will receive the original mail message and any attachment(s). Any infected attachments will have been stripped out and instead replaced with a text file that mimics the original file size of the attachment (in the real example at right, the attachment was 136Kb and has been renamed as warn.txt). The attachment will now typically be a simple text file that informs you of what action has been taken.

In addition to VirusFlare removing the infected file, it also sends you a second e-mail, this time a report indicating what was sent to whom and what action was taken:

VirusFlare Anti-virus e-mail notice

Both parties to the e-mail receive notification of the infected e-mail, allowing those not using the service to take the appropriate action to protect their computer.

Is my computer completely protected?

It is therefore critical that you include desktop anti-virus protection for all your workstations and that you update the virus defintions either manually or automatically on a regular basis as recommended by the vendor. Remember, VirusFlare is an e-mail protection - it will not protect your computer from virus-infected files you download from the Internet or that are on discs you load onto your computer.  So, protect yourself!

How much does it cost?

Surprisingly little - just £29 per domain name - irrespective of the number of mailboxes you have on that account!

Contact us now to get VirusFlare enabled on your mail account!

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