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Member of nominet


Let us fix your computer by Remote Control!

Remote support engineerDid you know that 90% of your computer problems can be fixed without an engineer actually coming out to you? Yes, itís true. As long as you have a working broadband connection, we can fix most computer problems without you ever having to let somebody into your home or, worse, having to leave your PC at the house or shop of the local PC "repair man".

Our remote support packages cover all the PCs in your home or office and we offer three levels of service, all payable annually in advance. The rates offer savings of between 20-36% over our regular remote support rates and savings of between 25-42% over our regular callout charges. The three levels are:

  1. Basic Maintenance Service: £270 per year for 6 hours of support - this should cover basic maintenance of 2-3 PCs which would normally be 15-30 minutes per month.
  2. Support Service: £480 per year for 12 hours of support - this should cover basic maintenance of 3-4 PCs and one or two quick support calls a month (1 hour per month).
  3. Support Service Plus: £840 per year for 24 hours of support - this will give you on average 2 hours per month.

Ad-hoc support is charged by the hour at our standard business remote support rate of £55 per hour +vat (£60 incl. vat for home users), and payable at the time of use, or by purchasing one of the above services.

All bundle prices are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. Please contact us now for a Remote Support Service that will save you time, money and the inevitable worry when something goes wrong with one of your PCs.

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