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Member of nominet


Keeping your Website Legal

If you run a business in the UK and you have a website (wherever it is hosted), you are subject to certain legislation (since January 1st 2007) which, if you donít comply, will leave you in breach of the Companies Act and risking a very large and inconvenient fine.

Rather than copy the regulations parrot fashion, we provide you here with a link from which explains clearly and concisely what your obligations are under the new legistlation:

Many of these provisions stem from the The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002:

Essentially, all of this legislation is designed to protect the user or the consumer, to ensure that you tell your website users who, what and where you are and to provide suitable evidence. Yes, much as you may wish to keep this information private, they actually have a right to this information!

If you want us to scan your website and edit it to make make sure your website is in complaince with the new legislation, let us know here:

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