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Member of nominet

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What exactly is PING?

Just occasionally somebody (for example, one of our tech support team) might ask you to carry out a Ping test. What on earth are they talking about?

Ping is a standard network utility, included in all popular operating systems like Windows, MacOS and flavours of Unix, which is used by you, the user, to determine if a remote device (such as a Web  or Email server) can be reached on the network (like an internal network, or the Internet) and, if so, roughly how fast the current connection is.

Another test you may be asked to carry out is TraceRoute. You would typically be asked to carry out one or both of these tests if you think your email or website is slow or simply not working and we need more information to test your connection.

We have found the following page on which explains the fundamentals of both PING and Traceroute far better than we could have done. Once you have read this short and concise page you will be able to carry out both a Ping and TraceRoute test:

Ping window

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